H2 Athletic Advising
H2 Athletic Advising
Finding your future


All of the Packages with H2 Athletic Advising are Individualized and Unique to the Student-Athlete.  After a Free Consultation we will Discuss Your Needs and Build Your Personalized Road Map to Find Your Collegiate Sports Team.

Full List of Services Available

*   Monthly Appointments with Heather Henson

*   Guide Student-Athlete with Creation of Sport Resume

*   Highlight Video Feedback from College Coach Perspective  

*   Direction with Introduction and Follow Up Emails to College


*   ID Camp, Showcases and Campus Visit Support and Guidance

*   Develop Communication Skills and Appeal to College Coaches

*   Understanding What College Coach is Really Saying in an Email

*   Parents Education on Recruiting Process and Rules  

*   Student-Athlete Education on Recruiting Timelines and Process 

*   Financial Aid, Academic Scholarship and Athletic Scholarship


*   Assist Student-Athlete with Creating Personalized List of


*   Guide Student-Athlete with Creation of Sport Graphic

*   Creation of Google Doc to Organize Recruiting and Share with


*   Mock Phone Calls

*   Mock Campus Visit

*   Evaluation of Athletic Ability from a College Coach Perspective to

     Help Decide the Best Playing Level to Pursue

*   How and When to Commit to Your College

#  Each service can be purchased individually

Student-Athlete and Parent Recruiting Education Packages

Phone Calls

  • Mock Phone Call Training
  • Available to answer specific recruiting questions any time
  • 1 Hour Phone Calls outside of any purchased package

Starter Package

  • Five -60 minute appointments/calls 
  • Help student-athlete make a personalized list of colleges
  • Guide student-athlete with creation of soccer resume
  • Creation of Zoho Doc to organize recruiting and share with family and coaches
  • Introduction Email to colleges  (Templates provided, initial and follow up)
  • Email support communication with H2 

Customizable Package

  • Personalized package built for your unique needs
  • You decide the number of sessions and services 

College Student-Athlete Packages

Once you commit to your college the real work begins.   There is more to being a successful student-athlete than just the work on the field or court.   We will work together to really prepare you for all aspects of being a successful college student-athlete.  

College Prep Program

  • College Freshman Success Program

Transfer Program

  • Deciding to transfer can be filled with emotions and a lot of questions.  Let me guide you through this journey
  • Personalized package built for your unique needs
  • You decide the number of sessions and services 

Recruiting Education Seminars
High School Counselors, Administrators, Coaches and Travel Sports Club Directors and Coaches

The heart of H2 Athletic Advising is a focus and determination to help young people reach for the stars and chase their dreams.  

Our professional development program for schools and organizations equips you with the knowledge and information to move your student-athletes and parents forward in the college recruiting process. 

The college-recruiting search can be difficult with ever changing rules for NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA; and we will guide you through the NCAA and NAIA Eligibility Center, NCAA Amateurism, Recruiting Timelines, How to Get Started and more. 

Contact us to discuss how we can create a program and provide you with the training needed to educate your parents, and help your student-athletes achieve their dreams.

  • Personalized package built for your unique needs
  • You decide the number of sessions and services
  • Availability to Ongoing Resources for Educators

Sample Education Seminar

  • Professional Development Opportunity
  • 2 Hour Seminar / Two 1 Hour Seminar for Parents and  Student-Athletes
  • 90 Minute Seminar for your Leaders
  • Ongoing Availability to Resources for Educators

Jon Gordon Workshops

Are their leaders within your organization or members of your team who could benefit from positive guidance to ensure consistent development of your culture? If so, Heather Henson, is a certified Jon Gordon Trainer in "The Power of Positive Leadership”, "The Power of a Positive Team", and “The Energy Bus”.

The Power of Positive Leadership

Coaches and Student-Athletes will learn proven principles and practices to lead themselves and others while implementing skills and strategies to develop a positive mindset, see challenges as opportunities, build a connected and committed team.

The Power of a Positive Team

This interactive program will activate the competitive advantage and team building strategies. Your team will leave with team grit to overcome challenges and create solutions, connections, and unity, be prepared and ready to build a team legacy of greatness.

The Energy Bus

Coaches, student-athletes, and teams will learn through insightful stories, 10 powerful principles to generate individual accountability and team loyalty, strategies to deal with the Energy Vampires and build a unified and winning team.

Generation Youth Coaching Program