H2 Athletic Advising
H2 Athletic Advising
Finding your future
  • Achieve Your Goals

    Your dream of playing college sports is possible.  H2 Athletic Advising wants to take this journey with you to find your college and make your dream a reality

  • Reach Your Dream

    Your dream of playing college sports is possible.  H2 Athletic Advising wants to take this journey with you to find your college and make your dream a reality

The Mission:

H2 Athletic Advising will develop strong independent young people and help them chase their dreams and discover their Why.

H2 Athletic Advising wants to work with you (the student athlete) and your family to understand who you are, what’s important to you and what your goals are for your future. We will team together to find the right college and athletic program for you, and assist you and your family as you navigate through the collegiate recruitment process. We will empower you to take ownership of your future, by building your confidence, showcasing your individual talents and determination, and developing life and business skills to set you apart from others.

Our distinctive three-step process, ANALYZEEDUCATEEMPOWER, will teach you a multitude of life skills, including how to market yourself through the recruiting process and develop you as a leader who is primed to make an impact on your college team.


An Individualized Road Map to Your College Sport Team and Future Success

ANALYZE (Self-Discovery)

We will work with you to learn your dreams, goals and understand your "Why".  This step provides you with a North Star to keep you focused throughout this process.  

Aspects of this Step:

  • Who Am I
  • Dreams, Goals and Future Career
  • College -Size, Location, Environment
  • Sport  - Team Culture, Coaching Philosophy, Style of Play
  • Athletic Ability - Best level for desired role on team
  • Family Financial Situation


We will guide you as a student athlete, and your family, through the recruiting process.  We will instill in you the skills needed to communicate and make the best impression with college coaches and market yourself so that you find your College Sport Team.

Components of this Step:

  • Develop Communication Strategies, including:
    • Emails
    • Phone calls
    • Visits 
  • Build Self Marketing, including: 
    • Profiles
    • Highlight videos
    • Social Media
  • Student-Athlete Recruiting Education
  • Parent Recruiting Education

You will be empowered to use your mind and voice to take action and ownership of your recruitment process and your future. You will build your confidence through learned skills and repetition, and become equipped to ask the important questions. You will develop a clear vision for your future and will know how to use ‘Your Business Plan’ to make the right decisions from the information you’ve gained.

Final Stage in the Process:

  • Build Confidence
  • Strengthen Life Skills
  • Make Decision on Your College        Sport Team
  • Primed to Impact Your College          Team
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